Research Projects

Blog posts on GEG Watch always relate to ongoing debates in the financial press and in prominent econoblogs. But they also often reflect and report work in progress on ongoing research projects, undertaken in collaboration with a number of colleagues:

  • Governance Reforms in International Organizations (GRIO), with particular focus on the IMF and the World Bank. With Robert Wade (LSE).
  • Systemic Risk in Emerging Market Economies (SYREME), with particular focus on the BRIC countries. With Ismail Ertürk (Manchester Business School) and Anastasia Nesvetailova (City University London).
  • The Rise of Macroprudential Policy (RIMAP). With Young Cho (Standard Chartered Bank, London).
  • The Political Economy of the European Financial Transaction Tax (EFTT). With Daniela Gabor  (University of West England).
  • Post-Crisis Bank Regulation and Bank Recapitalization (BARBARA).

Each of these research projects will soon have its own webpage on GEG Watch, where you can find brief project descriptions, download already published work as well as access work in progress research notes. Needless to say, any comments or questions you might have are gratefully received.

Two research assistants are involved in various of these projects: Toke Jeppesen and Signe Terney Larsen.

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