The GEG Watch  vision is to inspire critical debate about key issues in global economic governance. We take point of departure in key events in the global economy, week after week. The aim is for all blog posts to suggest further readings, some of which will direct the reader to classical texts that discuss similar issues although in a different time and context [admittedly, this feature is still in process, JVE].

In this way, followers of GEG Watch are firmly rooted in the past as well as the present, and in the best of economic literatures as well as in the everyday practices of economic governance, whether national, regional or global.

Ultimately, the vision is to inspire reflection – by problematizing taken-for-granted notions and certitudes. “Convictions”, said Nietzsche, “are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies”. If, by the end of the day, some of the policies and practices problematized in this blog, appear less self-evident, if readers are occasionally left less comfortable with regard to ‘conventional’ convictions and certitudes, I have accomplished what I hope to achieve.


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